About Us

When you commission a piece of custom jewelry from Sola Designs, you join in a dance of alchemy.  You and I become collaborators in transforming the desires of your heart and the visions of your mind into a stunning wearable art form that speaks eloquently of your essence.  ​I endeavor to make jewelry that inspires a sense of well-being. It is my desire that the jewelry inspires you to feel a natural state of interconnectedness.

Who We Are

Sola is a transcendental jeweler whose artistry is the embodied expression of his relationship with Life.  So-link™, his premier line, innovatively links the finest metals and natural gemstones, creating designs that are sensuous and bold, timeless and elegant. Sola’s jewelry links us all as it resonates, accentuates, and celebrates the Oneness of the Universe.

“One Source, One Breath, One World – So-Link It!”

Our History

An intimacy with Nature’s perfection shaped my tropical island childhood. Growing
up on the rural beaches and jungles of Jamaica, my experience of the natural world was tactile and always filled with awe. As a boy, I spent hours exploring my surroundings, keenly attuned to every flow and form, every color and texture. From my Jamaican and Jewish-American parents, I gained a deep love and respect for the diversity of my surroundings.

The budding artist in me, nourished by these early impressions, found its true
expression in 1993. Living in Western Australia, I was introduced to the basics of
metalsmithing and gem cutting, and knew that I had found one of my callings. From that
pivotal moment. I set out to learn the art and business of fine jewelry making.

Many hours of experimentation, research and development have honed my
techniques in design, fabrication, casting and manufacturing, and have also
increased my knowledge of sales. marketing and distribution.

​Since 1993, with my company Sola Designs, I have established myself as a designer,
inventor and entrepreneur. Consulting on concept and design, I produce
commissioned works as well as design, manufacture and market my own innovative lines of jewelry. Instilled in my work is the dynamic perfection of Nature.